Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vista Print MEGA deal: $10 or $5 for $50 in credit!

Calling all scrapbookers!

I just snagged $50 in credit for Vista Print for only $5. I received a $5 deal bucks credit for signing up through a referral. Then I accessed this Vista Print deal through Cleveland, and viola! $50 in credit for only $5. 

The voucher expires in May, so don't buy it if you don't think you can't use it before then. With 3 birthdays int he next 2 months, Mother's Day, and well, my scrapbooking tendencies, there is now way I can't use this deal!

$50.00 at vista print for $10.00 Feb 15 only!

Make customized calendars, invitations, cards,Tshirts and more. 
Prices at Vista print are VERY reasonable and quality is excellent, so you should be able to stretch this deal super far! 
Please let me know if you got in on the deal. I like to know who gets what so I know if I should keep poisting these types of deals!

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