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One of the first projects on my Project Summer 2011 list was to tackle to shoe closet. It is a disaster. I needed to reevaluate our habits so I could reduce the headaches caused by this area of our house. As I thought about how to go about this seemingly unfixable situation, I considered the needs of our family: 1) I need to figure out a way to make it easier for the kids to put away their shoes but also to get their shoes by themselves and 2) it needs to be accessible to the kids every day; but I also needed to consider that this area is 1) it's visible to everyone and 2) I don't like seeing shoes by the front door.

So, the solution was this: A simple over-the-door organizer. I couldn't believe that $20 could solve all the problems and factors I considered.

Here's what we started with: A disorganized closet area that encouraged the kids to drop their shoes and run.

These habits always lend themselves to more frustration when it's time to get ready because shoes are missing or buried.

What we ended up with is a good system of organization that is accessible to all the kids. JJ and Bella can reach their own shoes and can easily put them back. No more crawling into the closet to fetch shoes. The kids seem to like it and I love it because it has reduced my pick-up duties.

It's nothing glamourous or magical, but the difference it makes in our house and in the craze of the mornings {and afternoons... and evenings...} is amazing.

And I'm one project down!

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