Top Ten

The Top Ten Deals You Need to Know About! \

1. Start Swaggin! 

 Swagbucks is a search engine linked through Google (So, you know it's going to produce results!). You use it just like you would any other search engine, but!, unlike any other search engine, you randomly earn swagbucks, which you can save up to redeem for prizes. They have a swag store loaded with prizes like Starbucks or Target gift cards, iPods, t-shirts, etc. I always "cash out" for the $5 Amazon gift cards. They are the best "value" in terms of what you get for what it costs.  Between January 1, 2010 and december 31, 2010, I have cashed out for 32 Amazon gift cards. That's $160 of free money! Who doesn't like free money? This is my Christmas fund, so that I can indulge a little more on the kids (or myself). You get matched points for referrals too. ;)

Daily deals, unbeatable prices for anything from manicures to zoo memberships. You are usually limited to one of each deal, per account ;) and you have to act fast, as the deal is usually only available for 24 hours. Groupon speaks for itself: "We treat our customers the way that we like to be treated, and do everything we can to offer a "too good to be true" experience from the moment you buy your Groupon to the day you use it." No cost to join, but you do get $10 for anyone you refer that buys a deal! Here is a list of National Groupon deals.

Earn cash back for making online purchases. It's as simple as that. Go to ebates, register, and use the site to connect to whatever stores you normally shop from online. You can earn anywhere from 1% - 15% or more cash back on purchases you were going to make anyway. Again... free money. There's a $5 sign up bonus, and if you refer your friends, you get a $5 referral credit.

MyPoints is an online discount provider, offering special deals and coupons for thousands of companies.  Earn and Redeem points for online purchases, completing special offers and surveys, playing games, downloading coupons, and much more. Save points to redeem for gift cards and other prizes. Please allow me to refer you by email, so we can all benefit.

5. BzzAgent

Register, complete your profile, and then "bee" invited to join campaigns that allow you to test free products. It's then your job to spread the word, allowing companies to benefit from word-of-mouth advertising. I've been a part of as few campaigns where I have received full size products for Uncrustables, Juicy Juice, and John Frieda hair products. I always appreciate free stuff.

If you like free stuff and if you like to entertain, then this is the marriage of bargains and parties. Register and apply for house parties for any various companies. Recent promotions have included Fisher-Price, Canon, Ball Park (the hotdogs), Huggies Pull-Ups, and DiGiorno. You will receive a party pack with products, party favors, and coupons to hand out to guests. Your obligation is to host a house party in which you invite people over try out the products, party, and walk away to promote the products. Some of the party packs are pretty amazing, and it's all free!

If you like to eat out, then this is a site you have to become familiar with. It's simple. You sign up and buy certificates for local restaurants at a discount. For example, you can buy a $25 gift certificate for $10. Even better, they constantly put out promotion codes for 20-90% off, so you can get a $25 gift certificate for $1. The fine print usually specifies that your bill has to be $50 or more for the $25 certificate. That's not hard to do for two people. What I love most about this site is that it promotes mainly mom&pop eateries, but that there are also some nice restaurants on there too (like Solaris or Signature Grill at Starr Pass). The site is national too, so be sure to check it out before any traveling to see if you can buy certificates ahead of time. You can also go through ebates to get to the site and earn 15% cash back on your purchase to make for an even sweeter deal.
Easily search for promo codes and coupons for online and in-store purchases. The bottom line? Never pay full price again!
Register and search for coupons. Consult this site with your ads and grocery lists in hand. The coupon database will tell you if a coupon is available for any product. It will provide thelinks for printable coupons or tell you in what insert the paper coupon was provided. Less work for you and again, why pay full price if you don't have to?
Buy, sell, or trade used electronic devices. Every item gets an offer and you get paid to be enviromentally friendly. They will even send you a box and pay for shipping. Go clean out your junk drawers!

(I bet you are asking, "I thought this was the Top Ten?" Well, there's always more info!)
If you don't know abot Craigslist yet, I'd like to know what rock you;ve been hiding under. But, just in case, I'm offering this up as one of the top ten. If you need to buy or sell anything, you should check craigslist first.