Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February: Feel the Love!

It's February, my favorite month of the year thanks to Valentine's Day and birthday's galore (mine on the 21st and Isabella's on the 23rd, my brother on the 26th, as well as a few of my friends too). In keeping with the month of love and with my January goal setting a 75% success, I'm setting a few goals for February, all centered around the theme of LOVE.

1. Love my house!
I want to be proud of my house and feel less stressed about spending what little free time I have constantly cleaning. This month I will work on perfecting  my FlyLady routines with decluttering, organizing, and making life easier in general.

2. Love my cricut and sewing machine!
In an effort to continue working on revamping our office/scrapbooking area, I vow to release my new Cricut fromt he box and set it up and use it! Same goes for the sewing machine.

3. Love my body!
I want to get back into the gym again now that Patrick is sleeping through the night. 3 days a week is a good start, and I want to do that before I hit the 3-2!

4. Love my Guest Room.
It's a makeshift baby room / storage area right now and it's downright pathetic. I want the bed made, the Christmas Village put away, and, well, I guess Patrick can stay in there for now.

5. Love my bank account.
I want to not cringe when I sit down for Money Monday to balance my checkbook. I want to be caught up on bills before I leave for England in March. If that means foregoing a birthday celebration, then I will sacrifice that this year.

6. Love my Family and Friends.
6 is my lucky number and I want February to be filled with plenty of love and luck, so I want to snail mail handwritten notes this month to 6 family members and friends. Not Valentine's. rather 6 letters, in a way, recapturing the lost art.

OK, February. Here I Come! Who's comin' with me?


  1. Me! I think those are great goals! I especially like the one about handwriting letters. People really appreciate things like that. Also, I'd love to see your cricut in action! I've been on a sewing/crafting kick since Christmas.

  2. we'll have to have a Cricut party. I had one whenthey first came out and I HATED it. The blade ripped paper, skipped letters, etc. I sold it at a garage sale. Then I got a 2nd one from my mom and never opened the package because I hated my 1st one so much. Sold that one at a garage sale too. Come to find out there was a bad batch of them, and the one I had was a part of that batch apparently.

    John about shot me when I told him I wanted the Expression for xmas! He got it for me regardl;ess of how annoyed he was that I wanted one again. Can't wait to try it!