Friday, February 11, 2011

Oprah Magazine for $5

I love O! Magazine for several reasons. It has a huge variety of columns from people I like (Suze Orman, Drs. Phil and Oz, and other notable Oprah finds), as well as a variety of typical magazine-ish "in every issue" articles like my favorite: The Reader's Corner, which provides plenty of great books to add to my long list of books I want to read someday, as well as my favorite colums, "Insert Name of Famous Person's" Bookshelf, giving a little insight into what other's enjoy reading. My other favorite column is the "O's Favorite Things" stemming from her infamous episodes, her little finds and product promotions are great gift ideas for friends and family or yourself. Word to the wise though: If there is something on that page that you like, find it / order it fast because it is subject to the O-Factor: it will be hard to find once she has promoted it. I've tried to snag several items from these pages and they are almost always backordered, out of stock, or simply ne'er to be found.

One thing I do like more than O Magazine, is getting O Magazine for a bargain!
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1 Year Oprah Magazine subscription:
Regular Price: $28
Mamapedia Sweet Deal Price: $10
With coupon code OPRAH5: Only $5!

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