Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Costco Shopping Tips

I thought this was really interesting.  I shop at Costco a lot, but never knew any of this! 

Despite the fact that manufacturer’s coupons are not accepted and that you have to buy bulk quantities, I still love to head to Costco once a month or so to check out all their new products. In addition to snagging their delicious hot dogs and a soda for only $1.50, my kids, hubby, and I love to check out their new clothes and kitchen items, browse the produce and meat departments and meander the aisles grabbing samples, etc. For this reason, I was excited to learn about some “secret” tips to be a savvy Costco shopper.

* Scour the aisles for items whose sale price ends in 97¢ (regularly priced items usually have a sale price that ends in 99¢). If you find an item whose price ends in 97¢, this indicates that this item did not sell as quickly as expected and Costco is trying to clear it out. In other words, this is time to buy the item (if it is something that you need/want).

* You’ll also want to look for items whose sale price ends with “odd pricing” (i.e. prices that end in 79¢ or 49¢). This usually indicates that Costco got a special deal from the manufacturer and typically means that these items are competitively priced in comparison to other stores.

* In addition to the price, be sure to look for a * on the upper right corner of the display sign. If you see a *, it indicates that the item is not being reordered (i.e. once the current stock has been sold, it will not be replaced). In other words, if you have been eying this item for a while, now is the time to snatch it up as you will not likely have another opportunity. Keep in mind that a * only indicates that the item will not be re-ordered…it does not necessarily mean that the item is marked down from the original sale price.

* Finally, keep your eyes peeled for those instant rebates that are deducted automatically at checkout (some states are even offering special energy rebates when you purchase fluorescent bulbs).

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