Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hasta la Vista, January

So, as for my January Goals, I managed to squeak out of the month accomplishing most of what I set as goals for myself.

1. blog blog blog : still room for improvement in my mind. I really want to get my Coupons 101 page complete, err, started. So, I don't feel like I can cross this off my list yet.
2. clean office / scrapbook area : Well, I moved the furniture around to how I want it, so that's a start. I'll be more specific in my goals in this area for February.
3. Take down Christmas decorations (already 1/2 way done with this one!) : Check!
4. Attempt to keep up w/ TheFlyLady at least 50% of the time each week: Check!
5. Sell 5 things on ebay Check!

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