Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer Projects Begin!

What do I love most about summer? Well, for starters: 2 months off from work is nice as it lets me spend oodles of tiem with the kids and my husband. Despite the fact that lesson planning is always lookiung in the back of my head, the break from grading allows me to read endless books that I want to read (not for school!) and finally watch the movies I have been hearing about all year. But more than that, I love my summers because i get to tackle me never-ending to-do list. I have quite the summer ahead of me. I don't allow my list to give me headaches, though it is a bit daunting. I try to tackle as much as I can without feeling overwhelmed. I know that the end result will be that I had fun re-purposing, my life will be more organized, and hopefully, my kids will have been a part of the projects in some way, allowing us to spend time together while also completing worthwhile projects. So, what's in store for Summer 2011?

Garage Sale:
Make $350. My plan is to clean out of the spaces below before my garage sale on June 4 and then use the moola for an Ikea trip to get the stuff I need to complete a lot of the organizational needs of our house.

Project Laundry Room!
clean it up, paint it, reconfigure and add some storage for my stockpile products

Project Boys Bedroom!
paint it and add some art or pictures to the walls

Project Kids bathroom!
clean it, paint it?, add another hook for Patrick, revamp shower curtain

Project Closet!
reconfigure shoe situation, add some more functional storage that is accessible for kids

Project Staging Area
daily organization system, place to keep the daily stuff like keys, wallets, back packs, etc that is NOT the kitchen counter.

Project Office!
the biggest task of all... I need to clean out my crafting stuff and actually use my sewing machince and Cricut machine

Project Scrapbooking!
1 layout a day, plus prep at least 10 projects/alyouts for MMU retreat in July

The most important factor for me is to chip away at everything. A project a week, perhaps! And to remember to have fun with my projects. As always, I am a bargain hunter at heart, so I need to set and keep a low budget for all of these. I love to re-purpose things and find deals at yard sales, so I can't always work in order of my list and sometimes, projects can be started but then put on hold until I can find what I need and LOVE. There's no sense in doing something half-way. That wastes time, energy, and money, and those are all things I have very little of. Well, not the energy, I guess!

So, Monday, May 30 looms and I have this to say to my Summer Projects: And we're off!

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