Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lysol Rebate and a PSA for School Supplies

Click Here for a GREAT rebate just in time for all that back to school shopping. And this is a great reminder to always keep your receipts for everything. I already bought a few tubs of Lysol wipes earlier this month for our back-to-school supply shopping. I can already submit this rebate without spending another dime.

If anti-bacterial wipes aren't on your back-to-school supply list or if you aren't a parent of a school-aged child, please consider making a GREATLY APPRECIATED donation to your local school (remember those oft-forgotten high school teachers who don't have the "luxury" of back-to-school supply lists). The classrooms are often a germ-ridden place of learning and many teachers spend their own money to buy wipes and sprays to help control the germs. A donation of a few tubs of these wipes would go a long way in the heart of a high school teacher. If you have a middle or high school aged child, consider showing up on back-to-school night with a bag of wipes. You'll be in their heart for the rest of the year, I promise!

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