Saturday, July 16, 2011

48 Hours Just Isn't Enough

I am finally recovered from my 4th Scrapbooking Retreat. For those of you unaware of this little sect of culture, I joined 59 women who have a serious love for photographs, crafts, and scrapbooking at Making Memories Unforgettable's (MMU) annual Scrapbooking Retreat. This was our third year at the Starr Pass Resort and my 4th retreat with MMU.  I joined my best friend Maureen and together, we look forward to this event every year and count down the months, weeks, days till the event. This year the theme was Candy Shoppe and there wa splenty of sweet treats to be had. I tried my best to stear clear of the sugar. In order to make this a productive retreat I pledged to be better prepared and I worked late into the night for the 3 weeks prior to the retreat to prep layouts and projects. It definitely made a difference. I never really sat there with that glazed look on my face because I knew I had projects waiting and ready to go. Here's how the weekend played out {in pictures, of course}.
The door prizes and decorations were perfectly sweet!

Friday night featured a scrumptious dessert bar...

but it wasn't all sweets either.

Mini grilled cheese and PB&J's hit the spot at 10 pm!

My 8 feet of scrap space. It's an organized mess!

Saturday and Sunday featured amazing soup and salad bars.

Maureen and me after 48 hours of scrapbooking and a collective 6 hours of sleep over the two days/nights.

A shot of all my finished projects!

48 hours of crafting/scrapping

17 completed layouts

1 shadowbox

1 card

1 3D Letter

8 completed Scrabble games!

It was an awesome weekend and I can't wait for next year's retreat.

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  1. That's awesome, E! You make me wanna go next year. :)