Thursday, January 6, 2011

Monthly Goals

In an attempt to be more productive, I am writing out and publicizing my January Goals. This way, I can check back in 3 weeks and see all that I accomplished (thinking positively here!). Please join me and publicize your own January Goals as a comment to this post. C'mon. Otheriwse, it feels like I am talking to myself again.

January Goals

1. blog blog blog
2. clean office / scrapbook area
3. Take down Christmas decorations (already 1/2 way done with this one!)
4. Attempt to keep up w/ TheFlyLady at least 50% of the time each week :)
5. Sell 5 things on ebay
I am definitely trying to keep this list attainable and keeping focused on what needs to be done, hopefully reducing stress in the long-run.

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