Sunday, January 2, 2011

I resolve:

The New Year always comes with resolutions, but I always try to circumvent the standard "lose weight" and "save money" promises. Instead, I set specific goals for myself that keep me working all year long. I started tis tradition in 2008 and have managed to accomplish some pretty amazing feats, and thus, I continue with my goals and resolutions for 2011:

1. Not to buy a single article of kids clothing for the whole year. I can do this because I buy consistently at yard sales and off-season sales/ There comes a point where I have to say, OK, how much is too much. Isabella, almost 5, has a wardrobe that reaches size 8! JJ has a bin of 4T and 5T clothes, an he is only 2 1/2. So, we have enough. I always maintain my socks and underwear disclaimer, and 2011 carries the "school uniform" disclaimer as well, because Bella will be starting Kindergarden in the fall. Even iwth that. I am sure I can find everything I need from second hand stores (using trade, of course) and yard sales.

2. Spend Less and Save More buy completing 3 "no spend" months over the year. These will be strategically planned of course, to avoid birthday and anniversary months ;). The idea is to acknowledge how much "stuff" is not needed and ow much money is spent on said stuff.

3. Blog. Blog. Blog. I want to make my blog recognized and well-read. I want to make this a go-to resource for bargains, ideas, and good information in general. I want to simplify other areas of my life (read: work) to make room for the things in life that I want to do (write, create, craft, for and with my family).  

4. Use what I have. I adminsitered an AP timed writing prompt this year that made me tink a little more about how we, as Americans, constantly overspend and over-consume. The idea comes from a "Buy Nothing Day" as a way to acknowledge our habits of spending and consuming. I am sure I could buy nothing all year, in terms of a few habits and hobbies and still have plenty to keep me busy. So, in the name of Canada's "Buy Nothing Day," I want to use up my scrapbook materials, complete projects I have in my head, before going on to new projects and buying more supplies.

5. Be happier. 2010 was a tough year. yes, I had many, many blessings, but I also dealt with my fair share of downs and ups and downs. I am making a point in 2011 to stress less and be OK with 98%, instead of always going 110%.

... and so I encourage you to do the same: create some goals and resolutions that will challenge you througout the year. Don't just say "save money." Be clear about how you are going to go about "saving" and identify an attainable goal of how much money you want to have saved by the end of the year. Think about why you want to save, because by understanding that part of the goal, whatever your goal is, you will be more successful and happier along the way!

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