Friday, December 3, 2010

Teacher and Care-Giver Gifts

Here's an innovative gift idea for your favorite teacher. I came across a new-spin on the diaper cake, so often seen at baby showers. What teacher would not love a "School Supply Cake" especially at the mid-year mark where supplies start running thin.

Here is a link to the 'how-to, but to me, you could do this without the step-by-step instuctions. Gather some supplies, and stack 'em up, add a ribbon, and you are done. Suggestions for always needed and loved supplies: dry erase markers, hand sanitizer, staples, and tissues. Otherwise, teachers all have their favorite supplies that make their class and teaching styles unique. Don't be afraid to ask. My favorites are sharpie markers and pens, Gel Pens, Index Cards, and socks! I use the socks as personal erasers for individual dry erase boards for review games and other fun class activities.

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