Monday, December 6, 2010

Free Money!

That's right, I said free money!

Right now Coinstar has a great promotion where you can turn in $40 in change to get a $10 promotional gift certificate. You need to use your change to "buy" a $40 giftcard, but you will actually get $50. This is a great deal if there is a gift card you were planning to buy for someone anyway. This way, you can make it a little sweeter! There are no fees involved unless you choose the option to take a receipt to the cashier at the store and get cash (which wouldn't work for this deal anyway).  You'd only be out the time that it would take you to go to the bank (to get your rolls of quarters) and the store and have the machine count the money and then come home and enter your code on the site to get the e-certificate.

Lowe's is one of the current participants of this promotion, and Amazon is joining on December 9. I know that we shop through those companies all.the.time, so this is like giving me free $10 to spend there. This will also go a long way with my brother's wish list (Lowe's!). There does not appear to be a limit on these e-certificates either.

For those of you in Sahuarita, we have at least two Coinstar's within arm's reach. Fry's Marketplace and WalMart Supercenter both have these machines.


  1. Is this still available? I remember you said something to me about this, but I never acted. I have a huge jar full of quarters and a home improvement project to finish...

  2. Nope - deal was a Christmas releatde offer. I think it ended 12/24. It will be around again before too long, so just hang on to your moola for now.