Sunday, August 14, 2011

The very first, First day of School.

There will only ever be one. Yes, each child will have many first days of school. And we will have one First day of Kindergarten for each child, But there will only ever be one first First day of School. It's special, of course, for the child, but I am definitely having some emotions of my own. It's just another first day for our family in a series of firsts recently. Last week I started a new job and I think I have my feet stable enough beneath me to handle tomorrow's big event. The first day of kindergarten! I honor of Isabella's big day, I wrote her a letter that is probably way beyond her understanding for now, but one day, they will hopefully be the words that carry her through the boucing middle school experience, the tumultuous teenage years, or the grueling process of making decisions that will determine her future. If you are so inclined, the letter is short and sweet, just like my baby girl, and it's on my other blog.

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