Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Care Package off to Any Soldier!

Since I have so much fun finding deals and bargains out there, I try to return the love by sending at least one care package every 3 months to Any Soldier. Isabella and I have a great time picking out a unit to "take care of" and they make it quite easy as there is always a list of wants and needs. Since our last unit has returned home since our last care package, we had fun picking a new unit, this one also from Arizona. We are also partial to picking Marines (seeing as John is a Marine) and I like to pick female units because, well, I bet being the mothers and daughters and sisters, they are the least taken care of, since the women are the ones usually sending the care packages! Anyway, this is a great program if you want to help out. It's easy, fun, and makes a difference in someone's life. BTW, since I made this a game at my first Bargain Bootcamp, I will share the bargain-related information here too. the retail value of this care package was $84.72 and the actual OOP cost was only $8.04 (plus shipping, which is $15.00ish for flat rate box to Armed Forces). So, the impact is huge for our troops, but the cost is minimal to us here at home.

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