Friday, November 26, 2010

My Black Friday!

MY BF Experience - A Success! Introduced my brother to BF shopping.

WM @ 10:15

My Sister-in-Law called to tell me to get to the store. She'd located the Leapsters - 1 palette of them, and people were starting to pour in. We waited by the pallete for 1.5 hours and got our leapster, and I managed to snag 2 more for a friend who was way back in the crowd. Wink
Also got 2 Leapster games that will be returned because we snagged the same ones for $8 less at Target.

Toy Story Operation and a Giraffe Ball POpper thing for my YDS
passed up the Cricut Expression Cry

Went home to take a nap.

Target at 4 AM.

We got there at 3:50 and waited the 10 min plus another 10 for the line to get in. It was wrapped around the store.

We got a $20 area rug, 2 leapster games, the $39 wii remote and game, 2 wipeout wii games, and some Olay for overage (ole!). I am thinking I was the only person in there buying H&B and using coupons. Had the same situation as Steph w/ the double line, but we were the lucky ones. Line was wrapped around the store and then some. A Mgr took the line about 25 people ahead of us and directed us to electronics to pay. So what was looking like  1-2 hour wait to pay was only about 30 min. Score.

On to Kohl's.

Walked in, started to strategize. Sent my BF virgin brother to stand in line while I shopped. Discovered the waffle iron was sold out in-store and on-line Cry . Considered trying tobribe some people w/ the waffle iron with my stack of $5/$5 coupons to see if they would give up their wafflee irons, but decided that would be bad BF karma and decided that the 2 hour line was sooo not worth some $5 freebies. Will go back tomorrow to use my coupons.

Headed to The Gap.

Got $430 worth of stuff for 50% off. Robes for the kids, sweatshirts & pants for nephews, pair of jeans and a l.s. button down for DH, a shirt and courd jacket for me, plus whatever my brother bought. I am quite happy. I love Gap so 50% off made The Gap my happy place.

Off to TRU

Got ZhuZhu starter set, Wizard of Oz for $8 (our 2nd copy is now scratched from repetitive watching)
Got 2 Tag Jr books and BOGO free batteries.

Off to Safeway/Starbucks for a BOGO free coffee and to meet a Craigslist buyer and then home.

All in all, a great day. My brother had fun in Walmart with the excitement and potential for disaster vs. success. He wasn't much impressed with the rest (except the line outside of Target).

He was impressed with the fact that we bought our 46-inch flat screen on Thanksgiving, from the kitchen table. I puffy-heart

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